Tanya Painting

Tanya painting in the studio

Tanya Diving Photo by Freya Mulder

Diving on Marazul Reef, Curacao

Tanya Plein Air Painting

Tanya painting in Plein Air.

Fun Fine Art by Tanya Haynes

Featuring multi-dimensional sculptures, watercolor and acrylic works.

Join her just below the surface, while she explores the many mysteries our Oceans hold.

Tanya's artistry is recognized by top international designers and art collectors; aquariums; and ecological organizations. As a SCUBA diver, Tanya breaks the confines of shore to study her subjects in their natural environment. Every day she has the pleasure of taking people to the depths through her paintings.

Recently, Tanya has begun painting murals for residential & commercial applications. You’ll run across her most recent pieces in Curaçao and Aruba. These surfaces are allowing her to work on a very large scale and on a variety of surfaces and objects like boats, cars and walls. She has just begun her third and fourth boats, with a goal of painting 100 different boats on 100 different beaches.

She continues to work on a series of multi-dimensional sculptures made of Plexiglas and metal. This dimensional art form combines the contrast of metal and the vivid, fluid colors of life in the tropics. Watercolor and acrylics are natural mediums for Tanya’s paintings. They provide a colorful, transparent and spontaneous palette that embodies the ever-changing environment she paints. Tanya is now painting underwater in oils further exploring her subjects.

She has come within inches of a bull shark, visited the home of a moray eel, swam with dolphins and stingrays, and encountered thousands of tropical reef fish. Tanya has strolled across the Atlantic Ocean floor with a crab, watched a lobster protect his home in the Pacific Ocean, and hovered face to face with a porcupinefish in the Caribbean Sea. She finds nothing more amazing and interesting than exploring the ocean depths.

Through her paintings you can join her below the surface, and experience the thrill and excitement of an average day on the reef.

Tanya’s accomplishments include,

OPEN ATELIER ROUTE – Grote Berg, Curacao – 2021, 2018 and 2015

ARTx – Lions Club Curacao – 2019

AMELIA BOTIQUE HOTEL – Jan Thiel, Curacao – 2016

MISS ARUBA BOB – Aruba Bob Snorkeling, Aruba – 2016

SNORKELING ARUBA STYLE – Aruba Bob Snorkeling, Aruba – 2016

MISS DIVE MORE – Relaxed Guided Dives, Curaçao – 2015

IMAGIO MUNDI – CARIBBEAN: TOGETHER APART – Luciano Benetton Collection – 2014

SNORKELING IN STYLE – Aruba Bob Snorkeling, Aruba – 2014

TRACKING IN STYLE – Aruba Sunrise Tours, Aruba – 2014

under h2o – 2016 Solo Exhibition, Maritime Museum, Curacao

WHERE AIR MEETS WATER - Mon Art Gallery, Curaçao – 2013

FRANJE VAN ORANJE – Landhuis Bloemhof, Curaçao – 2013

BACK TO NATURE – Landhuis Bloemhof, Curaçao – 2013

TABOO – Landhuis Bloemhof, Curaçao – 2012

MISS KOKOMO – Kokomo Beach, Curaçao – 2012

DUGUDUGU, BE MINE! – Landhuis Bloemhof, Curaçao – 2012

2011 COLORS OF WILLEMSTAD – Street Painting Event



MAKING A SPLASH – Public Art Installation, Aurora, Colorado

JACQUES MOOSTEAU – Best of Bovine, Cow Parade Denver

SPINNAKER FLYING – Splash 9 – Tips and Techniques, North Light Books

WATERLINES – Cabrillo Marine Aquarium – Solo Exhibition

JELLYFISH SUSPENDED – Splash 8 – Watercolor Discoveries, North Light Books